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The Dragons of Pernopia, cont.

It is debatable whether the male gray dragons are mutations, since blue dragons are known to take on grayish hue when fatigued or very old. However, it is a rare thing to see a dragon with gray color in his prime, so they are assumed to be a result of the virus. The grays grow from twenty-five to thirty-two meters in length and may fly copper females, but usually chase the scarlets and greens. In a fighting Wing, grays help fill the ranks along with blues, greens, and scarlets. They Impress only male candidates, regardless of sexual preference. Grays are smart enough in their own way. Their capacity to think ahead, however, is limited at best. They tend to be quieter, more serious and less emotion-driven than others of the "lesser" colors--the introspecitve dragons. They know themselves well and their riders better. You can't fool a gray.

The blue males are the "workhorses" of the species. They are stout and hardy, having higher endurance than their smaller sisters, and ranging between twenty-five to thirty meters. Blues generally Impress homosexual males, but often choose straight males, too, and occasionally girls when boys are in short supply. They may fly a small copper female, but mainly greens or scarlets. They form the ranks of the fighting Wings. What they lack in size and stamina, blues make up for in personality. Blue make the best Searchdragons--it takes a good character to know one. Blues are steadfast and loyal. If you must trust a dragonpair, trust a blue first. They don't betray and will stop at nothing to do what is right. One wonderful example of a blue-pair is C'gan and Tagath.

The most numerous of all dragon colors are the green females, who number the same as all the other colors put together. They are the best Threadfighters as well, being extremely dextrous and maneuverable in the air. Unfotunately, they haven't the endurance of their larger siblings and so have to alternate with other greens and scarlets. Otherwise, they make up the majority of the Wings. They may Impress female or male humans of any sexual preference, but females are preferred and encouraged as they have a better time coping with the greens' drives. Greens are able to clutch, but are prevented from doing so by chewing firestone. If they were allowed to clutch, the Weyrs would be up to their eyeballs in little green females before one could blink. They are flown by any male who cares to chase them, but generally they mate with blues. They make good Searchdragons, but not as good as blues. Greens are unpredictable and volatile, especially when near to rising. They think with their feelings and passions, displaying a 'point A to point B' thought process. Their emotions, however, run deep. If they like someone, they REALLY like that someone. If they dislike someone, let him beware. Greens make everyone's life more interesting.

The scarlets, also direct products of the virus, are small, dainty females. They grow slightly smaller than greens: between twenty and twenty-four meters. Like the greens, they are able Threadfighters because of their size, but they have even less stamina. They could perhaps even be called frail. Also like greens, the scarlets are made to chew firestone for the good of the Weyr, for they produce small, weak clutches. They rise to mate with the same alacrity of greens and are pursued by any who care to follow, though it is usually a gray who is the chosen one. Unlike greens, scarlets only Impress girls. Scarlets fly the middle ranks of a fighting pattern. If possible, scarlets are even more changeable than greens. A scarlet might like you one day and despise you the next, with the same intensity of greens. The kind-hearted ones are extremely sweet, the mischievous ones are terrors on wings. Scarlets are the spice of Weyr life.

Albino dragons are a very rare fluke: a throw-back to the original dragons genetically engineered by Kitty Ping. They may grow, like Ruth, to twenty meters, but others are smaller. Thier riders need to take special care not to overwork them. Rather than lacking pigmentation, whites are more of a translucent pastel blend of all the dragon colors together. Whether considered male or female, they are asexual and do not rise to mate. One could Impress either a male or female candidate, and generally a white will act as Wingleader to a weyrling Wing. Albino dragons are unique in one big way: They possess foresight and memory. They can think ahead and plan, and they remember much of things past. A white dragon is about the most human creature you're likely to encounter on Pern, and that says it all.

All text and artwork on this page copyright Eleanor R. (Neshomeh); referencing The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright
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