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The Gallery

We have a lot of creative people in this community, and this is the place for them to show off a bit. Anything vaguely Pern-related can go here, whether it's art, fanfiction, poetry, or a photo of something you've made. To submit something of yours, cut & paste the form at the bottom of this page and send it to the e-mail address provided. Meanwhile, enjoy!

All works are copyright their respective owners and may NOT be used without permission.

No title (song)
The Little Dragon (children's song)
Vale (art)
Remember (poetry)
Aloe Vera (art)
Beth in Flight (art)
Cain the Fire-lizard (art)
Fellis (art)
Harper-Man (song)
Jenni (art)
Jenni and Beth with Eggs (art)
Katral and the Runner (art)
My Bones from Head to Toe (rhyme)
Numbweed (art)
Phantom (art)
Thread Song (song)
K'tet of Moon Lake (art)

Submission Form

  • First, I need your penname. It's what goes in the space headed "Author."
  • Next, the title of your piece.
  • Then the type (poetry, art, fanfic, etc.).
  • If it's a song or poem, do you give permission for harpers to use it as such?
  • The work itself. You can send it in the mail or as an attachment, whichever works. PLEASE make the file size as small as possible. I only have so much room to store things.
  • Finally, if it's a written work (poetry, fanfic), a short description or author's note.
  • Note that your pen name will be a link to your e-mail addy. However, you can specify that you would rather have your Neomail addy used, or no addy at all.
Copy & paste that in an e-mail to MasterHarper Alric at { exswyzie14 AT yahoo DOT com }, fill it out, make SURE you put "Harper and Healer Halls" in the subject line, and send away!

All the works that can be linked to from this page belong to their respective authors and artists.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright
Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2001, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.