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The Gallery - Neshomeh

This little ditty was composed by Healer Apprentice Katral with the help of other members of his class. It's not great poetry, but it IS a good mnemonic device.

This piece may be used by harpers and healers of apprentice rank and above.

My Bones from Head to Toe

The cranium protects the brainium,
To bonk it is a painium.
The maxilla and mandible
Help render food digestible.
The clavicle’s the collarbone,
The S-shaped, curvy Scholar-bone.
The scapula is flat-ula,
Rather like a spatula.
The sternum’s like a bony tether,
Holding all the ribs together.
The rib cage holds the lungs and heart
It really is a work of art.
Linking body to brain is spine:
Harm it not, and the nerves'll work fine.
The funny bone's the humerus,
But whacking it is humorless.
On lower arm with ulna abides
The radius, which is thumb-side.
The carpals are the wrist bones,
They glide like smooth round stones.
In the palm are metacarpals,
Which number five in all.
Each finger has phalanges three,
While two in thumb we see.
Moving on, we find the hip,
Which table corners commonly clip.
Connecting there is one long shaft:
The femur is a hefty haft.
Capping the knee there is a disc
Called the patella, or kneecap for brisk.
Of lower leg bones there are two,
The tibia, largest; and fibula, too.
The anklebones glide just like the wrists:
Tarsals let feet turn and twist.
Metatarsals form arch and sole,
Five of these make a foot whole.
Last but not least, phalanges again!
Four toes have three, the biggest but twen!
Aren’t you glad that this is done?
Don’t be silly! It was fun!

… Wasn’t it?

This piece copyright © Neshomeh, 2002.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ©
Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2001, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.