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Welcome to the Harper and Healer Halls of Neopia!

Warmest and most sincere greetings from MasterHarper Alric! Welcome! All the important links are to your left, so if you've read through this page already you can skip to anywhere you'd like. To get some information about a link, just hold your cursor over it for a second or two.

Our mission at the Harper and Healer Halls, in a few brief words, is to help all of you be better role-players (and have fun doing it!). One of the fastest tickets to rank and privelege at any role-playing guild is role-playing skill. After all, it's what we do! So, many of the features here will be geared to that end. If you pay attention and put forth a conscious effort to improve yourself, you will achieve in time. That is a promise.

To begin, why not go over the contents of this page?

Website Updates | Anne's Seven Rules | Our Twenty Suggestions | Fun Tips and Quotes | Word of the Day

* Website Updates *

6.06.06 - Another update to the Herbs section: woodruff. This time the addition was discovered in the section on Benden wine. You just never know where an herb is going to turn up!
~Master Alric

10.28 - The Herbs section has been updated with the addition of cinquefoil, mugwort, and rue (discovered in the Dragonlover's Guide in the entry for Crom Hold, of all places). The MasterHarper would like to state that he is alive and well, and still cares, but is extremely busy. If some things take time to happen, it is only because they may be lower on the priority list than others.
~Master Alric

3.26 - The First Aid section of the site has been updated with the completion of the Wounds entry.
~Master Alric

In an attempt to keep things running smoothly, we offer two sets of guidelines. The first is the set of rules that Anne McCaffrey asks of all Pern role-players everywhere. Please read them carefully.

Anne McCaffrey�s Rules

1. Avoid Using Benden Weyr or Ruatha Hold
2. Do not use any of Pern's major characters.
3. Real Dragon Colors. *
4. Be as consistent as possible to the Pern novels. **
5. Must be non-profit.
6. Include the following copyright information prominently on the first page of your site that any visitor or member sees when entering it:

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2001, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

7. Only PbeM's, or other role-plays where the role-playing is never posted on a public website, are allowed, as otherwise is too similar to fanfic, which is not allowed. ***

*Many guilds make an exception to this rule to make up for the greater number of female role-players we get. This has brought perks for males, as well, and is a good thing overall if it isn't taken too far.

**We cannot stress the importance of this one enough. Anne McCaffrey put a lot of time and effort into creating a wonderful world for us to play in. In all decency we MUST respect her by following through on this as much as possible, whatever else we do or don't do. Let's all behave and play in a manner worthy of Pern and its creator.

***Obviously Neopets guilds are not PbeM (Play by e-Mail). However, the format of a guild board is perhaps impermanent and private enough to slide around this one. We're not going to be sued any time soon!

The second set of guidelines on this page is the Halls' recommended formula for making guilds work. It looks like a lot of rules, but most of them are really just common sense put into words. Please take the time to go over them. We think if everyone followed these suggestions the quality of life on Neopian Pern would be much improved.

The Halls' Twenty Suggestions

1. The Guild Leader is in complete charge of the guild with help from his or her Councilpeople. Generally the Council is a team, sharing authority, but the founder of the Guild reserves overriding authority should s/he ever need to use it. If the Guild Leader is not there, the next person down assumes that authority. The Guild Leader must consider the needs of the members and consult with the rest of the Council and/or the members before making huge changes.

2. RESPECT each other. We're all here to have fun. Conflicts between characters are okay, but don't take it personally as this results in bad feeling and affects everyone in a negative way. To be safe, always assume the other person is NOT trying to insult, offend, or attack you. If you must have a conflict with another player, take it off the Guild board.

3. When a dragon speaks, a human mentally speaks to a dragon, or you wish to express a private thought, you write that in italics: I'm hungry.
When your character speaks out loud, you write that between quotation marks: "I'm hungry."
When someone speaks you need to use a new line. This goes for humans and dragons.
When you want to post anything out of character (OOC) write that between double parentheses: ((I'm hungry.))
Punctuate correctly! Use complete sentences! If you do not, it becomes almost impossible to understand the thought being conveyed.

4. No power playing! (If you don't know, that's RPing someone else's character; also known as godmoding). It is not allowed, and should not be tolerated! One exception: sometimes people will leave their characters in the hands of a trusted friend. That will not be considered against the rule.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO FLOODING. This means SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages). Spam sweeps important messages into oblivion and is very aggravating. Spam in any form is utterly unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Bear in mind that one-line posts asking if people are online may be counted as spam. If someone is online, they will post. If not, they won't. It's as simple as that. Just watch the board and be a little patient, or, if you really need to know, try using Neomail.

On real-time role-playing: There is nothing wrong with real time role-playing in itself, but the Guild message board may not be the place for it. Some people can't be online often enough to keep up with real-time RP on a Guild board and may be discouraged by it. If you find someone online at the same time you are, send him or her a Neomail inviting them to role-play with you on the Neopets role-play chat board. Then if something significant to the rest of the Guild happens, you can summarize it in one post on the Guild board. This saves everyone time and space and ensures that everyone can at least keep up with the main plotlines; they won't be drowned by two- or three-person exchanges that no one else cares about. You might post a link to your chat board on the Guild if you wish other members to find you.
The Neopets Role-play Forum

6. IF YOU ARE BORED, THINK OF SOMETHING INTELLIGENT TO POST OR GO DO SOMETHING ELSE. People have posted the stupidest things and claimed boredom as the cause. People, are you addicted to the computer? If nothing interesting is happening online, do something OFFline and spare us.

7. Your character must be human and may not have any special powers like shapeshifting. Samurai and other battle-based characters are also not allowed, as violence among dragonriders results in terrible tragedy (and there aren't any on Pern). Please do not ask for blue hair (unless you're really old and it's actually blue-gray) or a tail or eyes that glow in the dark. (Fire Ridge Weyr rules.) Make your characters believable. Perfect characters are annoying. Deranged characters are, too. Character flaws make people more interesting, but people with serious problems (pyromania, addiction to fellis or alcohol, or a tendency toward homicide or suicide) probably aren't 10-19 Turns olds and would certainly never be Searched. Remember Anne's Rule Number Four: Be as consistent as possible to the Pern novels.

8. Speaking of being human and not perfect, we expect that your younger characters will misbehave sometimes. THIS IS OKAY. What ISN'T okay is merely making moronic posts saying "my character pours wine all over the Hall and sets it on fire, HAHAHA!!!" and leaving it at that. We've all seen people do this, and we hope all hate it. If you choose to make good in-character trouble, you MUST include a good in-character explanation of the behavior. We want to know all the Who-What-When-Where-Why-and-How in full Technicolor detail. Take your time to make yourself look like an intelligent role-player making intelligent mischief, and only your character will get into trouble when (if, happen you to be particularly clever and thorough), they get caught.

9. Flights, Clutches and Impression: Only bronzes or other bronze-sized colors and, rarely, browns or other brown-sized colors may fly a Queen. Blues and the like are too small and don't produce good clutches. A brown-gold mating will produce a strong, healthy clutch, but with few bronzes and never a gold egg. The ideal mate for a gold dragon is a bronze.

It is up to the player of the female dragon (with a little guidance from the Weyrwoman) how many eggs and what colors will be in the clutch. She also gets to decide who Impresses what from that clutch. Having a clutching female is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. A basic Queen clutch of fifty (50) eggs has one gold egg (if she's lucky), five bronzes, six browns, twelve blues, twenty-five greens, and rarely one albino or other oddity. This of course varies with the gold and the clutch, and the Weyrwoman gets the final say on all of the above.

Only a woman can Impress a gold. Only a man can Impress a bronze. Of the original colors, men can Impress bronze, brown, blue, green, and albino. Females can Impress gold, green, and albino; rarely blue and brown. Anything else is unheard of. Additional colors are at the discretion of the Guild Leader.

10. You must ask permission from a Councilperson before starting a major plotline. I.e., a death, kidnapping, invasion; finding a fire lizard clutch, hidden room; etc.

11. Characters do not know what they haven't found out; your character doesn't know everything you know.

12. It is up to the player of the female character whether she has a child. If your character does have a child (be you mother or father), then you must treat it like any other of your characters and role-play it. Both players may work out how to share the child, or one player may agree to take full responsibility for it.

13. Characters must follow their description; if they grow and change, like all people do, while they exist, you may change their description. If you want your character's description updated, send the changes you wish made to the appropriate Councilperson.

14. A candidate must be 10-19 Turns old. Any younger is too young to be responsible for a weyrling dragon and any older begins to cut into the rider's effective lifespan. An apprentice harper must start at ages 12-14. An apprentice healer must start at 14-16.

15. Please do not role-play on a message board until your character(s) has/have been approved. Send characters for approval to the Guild Leader or the appropriate Councilperson. Make sure to use the application form if one is provided. If not, you might use the one on this site instead.

16. No swearing. Cuss words from Earth aren't used on Pern anyway, and swearing increases the risk of Guild deletion. No one wants that! Be creative with your pejoratives and use the Pernese ones and it'll all be happy.

17. For the candidates and weyrlings: NO SEX! This could potentially set off the young dragons and result in a catastrophe. Weyrling dragons have died in premature mating flights. ALWAYS think of your dragon first! Sex can wait!

18. Try to role-play all of your characters, especially high-ranking ones. If you can't play them, put them up for adoption.

19. Note that any Guild revolves around YOUR participation. Nothing happens if you don't make it happen. If you feel that your character is being neglected, have the character complain about it instead of whining OOC. You will get better results. If you want interaction and attention, try having your character approach someone rather than try to draw attention by getting lost or hurt or something similar. It's not that easy to get lost if you stay where you're supposed to be.

20. Characters live, characters die, and life goes on. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Fun Tips and Quotes:


All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ©
Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2001, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

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