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People of the Harper and Healer Halls

NOTE: Any characters belonging to people who leave the Guild will be deleted. Any characters left by members judged to have been inactive for too long will be put up for adoption and may be used as NPC's at any time.

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Aiyana - Jr. Apprentice Healer, Turn one. Age 15. Aiyana is one painfully shy girl with a rather low self-esteem. When she does decide to speak up, her voice is timid and soft, and she has a habit of never looking other people directly in the eyes. Gentle and sweet she can be, but few people know this because few people have actually gotten to know her. Since she is so quiet and small, she is the sort of person whose presence is always forgotten. As she is so shy, she is extremely self-conscious as well, and has a tendency to be rather klutzy at inopportune times. She gets upset easily, and is the sort of person who takes the blame upon herself. But, living at the Healer Hall has begun to force her to open up from her tight shell, slowly but surely giving her a desperately needed confidence boost.
Aiyana is a small girl, standing at barely five feet tall with small bones and a delicate frame. Dark brown hair falls to her waist in fine and straight strands, but she keeps it carefully plaited back in a large braid to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are large and brown, usually wide with surprise and hesitation. Although her skin is pale, freckles cross her snub nose, dusting across her cheekbones to her dismay.
Aiyana was born in a small farming cothold, just one member of a very large family. She was the third youngest child out of eleven. Her siblings were all wild and rambunctious as children, but Aiyana was always a solemn one, much to her mother's relief. The woman encouraged her daughter's quiet ways. Being the mousey one of such a rowdy group meant that Aiyana was easily overlooked, and over the Turns she grew used to being invisible.
When she was old enough, her parents decided that it would be best for their quiet daughter to apprentice to a craft. Healing seemed to be the natural choice for Aiyana, and she was accepted as a junior apprentice at the Healer Hall.

Alika (Li) - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper. Turn two. 14 Turns.
Hold of Origin: Asez Hold
The only girl in a family of five children, Alika is the youngest in her family. She has had a trauma-free life thus far. She came to Harper Hall with her slightly-older brother, who was also accepted as a Junior Apprentice. She loves to sing and play pipes. However, she isn't very good at stringed instruments. Alika really wants to learn to compose music and to play string instruments well.
Alika is a little shy talking in front of groups of more than five people, but give her her pipes or something to sing, and she loses her timidness. She isn't exactly bouncy, but isn't solemn either. She has a fairly mercurial temperament, quick to anger, quick to forgive. She is a little resentful of the protectiveness of her older brothers and her parents.
Alika has honey-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is 5'0" tall, weighs 92 pounds, and has fair skin.

Alric - MasterHarper. Alric is the MasterHarper of Neopian Pern. He thusfar has no spouse and no children, but he does have a bronze fire lizard named Zyanral. They have been together for all of the fire lizard's 36 Turns of life, but Zyanral is still as good as the day he hatched. Alric is the second of five children. He has one older sister (Chessi, 62), two younger (Siri, 48; and Rica, 46), and a younger brother (Balen, 41). Here is a quick-facts page for the whole family.
Master Alric is 52 Turns old, about 5'10", lean, with thick, wavy, sandy-blonde hair and snapping grey-blue eyes. His hair may be silvering (those crazy apprentices!), and his face might be weather-toned and a bit lined (those darn journeymen!), but it really only adds to the roguish look he has about him.
He has a keen sense of humor and is generally quite friendly. He takes the neutrality that is implicit in his Craft seriously, and doesn't take sides in any issue before serious consideration. Smoothing ruffled feathers is almost second-nature to him and his soft baritone speaking voice. He can be stern at times, but he never means anything personal by it. He expects everyone to live up to his high expectations, but, after initial disappointment, won't think less of you if you don't as long as you do your best. He treats his apprentices like the children he never had. He has been known to do everything from helping a confused and frightened 13-Turn-old girl choose a new tunic to listening to the agonized embarrassment of a 17-turn-old boy suffering from new manhood. There isn't much he can't or won't deal with. He has just about seen it all.
Aside from being MasterHarper, Alric's particular facets in his Craft are Theory and Diplomacy with singing and playing saved for special occasions and his own personal amusement. He does sing well enough, being a baritione slightly stronger on the higher end of his range. He teaches Theory and occasionally Chorus at the Hall.

Ame - Retired healer. Ame is not only the niece of MasterHarper Alric, but the twin sister of Dragonrider Jenni. She has one gold fire lizard, Rill, who is seventeen Turns old, intelligent, and protective of her Impressor, and albino fire lizard Remet, who is timid, not very strong, and spends most of her time sleeping to conserve her limited energy. She is about seven and a half Turns old. Rill does not rise to mate as often as a typical gold fire lizard, as she is inhibited by her person.
Ame is 5'7", 31 Turns old, has brown hair to her jawline, and forest green eyes just like her sister's, though they rarely show any remotely unfriendly or harsh emotions (if they show any, these days). She's fond of wearing pastel blues and greens, and until recently she wore no other ornamentation than her journeyman's knots. Now, however, a bracelet of green copper vines with a graceful gold fire lizard for the clasp encircles her right wrist.
Ame is entirely different from her twin as far as personality goes due to a singular horrid event in her past. When she was fourteen, she was raped by her father. That and whatever he said to her effectively destroyed her self-esteem, leaving her with the opinion that she is weak, insignificant, and not a suitable match for any man. Ame's mind is now a network of vicious cycles, but to her thought it serves as protection from more pain, which is why she's still a mess at the age of 31. She was exceptionally good at her Craft, but will never admit it to herself or take any credit that she can deny for her healing. She was one of the most sensitive, caring, empathic individuals one was likely to meet, willing to put everyone before herself even when she's scared of potential consequences; though if she could help it, she avoided contact with men (convinced by her father that they could only have one possible use for her). She recognizes that the way she carries on with her life is pathetic, but sees herself as too weak and afraid to do anything about it.
She is now living in New River Hold with her uncle Balen and his family. Their isolated, family-oriented lifestyle seems to be having a positive effect on her. She helps Danya around the hold, keeping things in order and minding the young children. She doesn't speak often, but she smiles now and then.
Ame studied as a nurse, which means that she knew most of the aspects of her Craft well enough to be of reliable service to another Journeyman or Master. Jenni and Alric swear that she could have been a Master if she had tried, but she never found the strength to do it. She was terribly clever with hands and herbs, but her abilities have gone unused for so long now that she's lost much of what she knew. It could probably be recalled in an emergency, but her family is working hard to see that she's never faced with one.

Asher (Ash) - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn two. 15 Turns.
Hold of Origin: Asez Hold
Ash is the youngest boy in his family, and was picked on by his three older brothers. He isn't bitter about it, though, because he knew it was all in good fun. He didn't really expect to be a Harper, but when he accompanied Li to her audition, they asked him to audition as well. He plays drums and can accompany his sister on the pipes or gitar. His voice is changing, so he doesn't like to sing.
Ash is posessed of a solid personality, amiable and friendly. He's somewhat shy, and doesn't say much, and is very careful of his words when he does speak. He assumed the role of mediator in the disputes of his siblings. Ash is protective of Li, and more than one boy has been seen sporting a black eye or swollen lip after making his little sister upset. He is slow to anger, but doesn't hold a grudge. He practically hero-worships his oldest half-brother, a bronzerider at Valihi.
Asher is tall and lanky, about 5'7", and hasn't even hit a real growth spurt yet. He's a little muscular. His golden blond hair always seems a little too long, and gets into his brown eyes frequently.

Astra - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper. 14-Turn-old Astra is 5'2" (she absolutely HATES comments on her height) and very tan with bleached blonde hair and mischeivious green eyes.
Astra is a very good natured person (well, most of the time). She is very friendly and optimistic and doesn't mind helping out with friend's chores. However, she is a bit...impish, and don't be surprised if, as soon as she's settled in, "friendly" pranks begin occurring. She loves to sing, and has, oddly enough for her age, a very nice alto voice. She makes up songs off the top of her head at a moment's encouragement (although most of them would never make it into a Harper's repertoire, she just does it for the love of the music). She is quite good on the lyre, and is eager to learn other instruments.
Astra grew up on a small Hold on the Southern Continent, explaining her tan and bleached hair. Most of her family is musically inclined, but none of them felt they were good enough to be Harper material. Astra, however, was different. As soon as her parents could spare her, they sent her to the Harper and Healer Halls.

Avis - Jr. Apprentice Healer, Turn one. Age 14. Avis is a generally easy-going fellow with a penchant for flippancy and a real passion for helping people. Unfortunately, he also has an inane tendency to flout authority and almost no bedside manner. He loves a good practical joke, but doesn't have the ingenuity to come up with them. However, if someone asks for a hand, he'll be happy to give it, and laugh madly at the results. Though he is studious in learning his facts, he tends to "forget" anything he might be assigned to do in favour of a game of cards, or maybe a good story. Though he shirks often, he takes responsibility for it, too, as some small part of him feels guilty for it.
Avis is neither tall nor muscular, but then, he's also far from being done growing. Unfortunately, that leaves him in a lanky, awkward state. His hair, a dusty almost grey mop atop his head, is thick and curly, and falls perpetually into his face. He has cloudy grey eyes, though he's not sure they're actually grey or if they just look that way because of his hair.
Avis is the only boy in his family with five sisters, two older, three younger. He was raised in High Reaches Hold, and was the "why?" child of his family. Aggitated by his perpetual questions and constant need to get into everything, his family frequently shunted him off to bother the Harper. However, since the Harper also had to teach lessons, he ended up getting shipped off to bug the Healer quite often, as well, and though he found most of the man's answers lengthy and boring, he loved the things he showed him. By the time he was 12, the answers weren't quite so boring, anymore. At thirteen, he was actually paying attention, sometimes, when the Healer told him something, and finally, just recently, he begged, bribed, and tricked his parents into sending him off to become a healer himself. (Though in truth, they were not loathe to see him go--he was something of a handful, after all, and they had five others to watch!)

Cora - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper. 14 Turns. She has long auburn-red hair that goes down to her lower back. Her eyes are a forest green. She is about 5'6 in height. Her skin is tanned.
She is very strongwilled and outgoing. She is nice, but doesn't like to be pushed around. She is hard working. If given a task that is worthy, she'll put everything she's got into it.
She comes from High Reaches Hold. She was the "leader" of the younger children of the Hold. When she was little, she had a tendency to get into mischief. She's outgrown that now, though. Now she likes to be a leader and come up with tasks that are pleasing. She always did like listening to the Harper play music and sing. Now her parents have sent her to the Harper Hall.

Darwi - Kitchen Drudge. Darwi is small with mousy brown hair and mud-colored eyes, and a cherubic face that makes her true age impossible to guess, though the Masters believe she's certainly over thirty. Because of her small stature and subdued appearance, she's the perfect invisible worker. In addition, she either can't or won't speak; which is undoubtedly why she ended up a drudge. However, much goes on behind her eyes that remains hidden from the rest of the world. Darwi sees everything, and is more intelligent than she lets on.

Elaira (Elle) - ADOPTABLE Sr. Apprentice Healer. 18 Turns. Elle likes to be in the thick of things, helping, but is perceptive enough to know when she is getting underfoot. She is usually cheerful and can't stand to see people (or animals for that matter) in pain.
Elle is of average height and build with pixie-cut brown hair with an odd dark red cast to it. Her eyes are light gray but seem to reflect whatever.
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