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People of the Harper and Healer Halls

NOTE: Any characters belonging to people who leave the Guild will be deleted. Any characters left by members judged to have been inactive for too long will be put up for adoption and may be used as NPC's at any time.

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Fayina (Fay) - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. 12 Turns old. She's very quiet, but not the least bit shy. She isn't strong, but she isn't weak either--she could even outwork many of the hold boys. In fact, she is often mistaken for a boy. She can be a bit short tempered sometimes, but that comes from living with three snot-nosed brats that can barely pull their own weight. She comes from a hidebound hill hold in Bitra. She has a tendency to make up little rhymes and tunes, which got her in trouble with her family, and the Holder. She would constantly sneak out, as much to tune as to escape her sisters. Her parents have always wanted a son, but they got three daughters and Fay, which doesn't help Fay any, even when she tries to be like a boy. She has dirty blond hair, and light cobalt blue eyes. She stands at 5'2, and is still growing a bit. Her hair is cropped above her ears, and she wears boyish clothes. If you compared her to her sisters you could say she's pretty, but she'll always deny it.

Galshon - Sr. Apprentice Harper, Turn three. Age 15 Turns. Galshon has short-cropped black hair, is fairly tall and has humorous nearly black eyes flecked with light gray.
He loves music and children. He thrives on people and is very social.
Galshon was brought up at a small Fort sea hold, but when his family discovered his love of music, they spared him from fishing to learn from the hold's Harper. At the age of 13 turns, he was apprenticed to the Harper Hall.

Gillan - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. 12 Turns. Gillan tends to hide behind a shy and reserved personality. The main reason for this is, after a trying relationship with his younger sister, his moods often became unpredictable. Usually he volunteers little information on his own, but when asked by an adult he answers adequately and, if he's talking about something he likes, will give more than asked for. Because of this, though, he can get very hard to know.
Gillan comes from a family of traders starting from three generations back. His first experience (and certainly not his last) with a Harper was when they were making one of their regular stops. The Hold's Harper had been sitting outside andand was fine tuning a new song. Gillan had watched him while he was waiting for his father and the Lord Holder to finish and had been quite disappointed when it was time for them to leave.

Jason - Jr. Apprentice Healer, Turn one. 15 Turns old. He is 5'7" with shoulder length black hair and dark blue eyes.
Jason is the normal teenage boy. He likes to pratice hand to hand combat. He was one of the best back at his native Lemos Hold. When he wants to, he can be good or a trouble maker; it depends on his mood and who he is with at the time. He is easy to get along with most of the time.
Jason is from Lemos Hold. It was there he learned to use a bow and arrow and hand to hand combat. When he can he practices hand to hand combat. He was one of the best, so he also spent time teaching others. Jason is usually good but has been known to cause trouble. His greatest prank yet is when he gave all of the flits in Lemos Hold wine and got them drunk (and to this day no one but Jason knows the truth). By looking at Jason, most would never think he could cause trouble--until they get to know him.

Jenni - Retired harper. 5'7", 31 turns old, brown hair that falls to the bottom of her shoulderblades, forest green eyes, looks to fire lizards 17-Turn-old brown Cain and 10-Turn-old silver Jaythe. Jenni was a journeyman harper until she Impressed in Moon Lake Weyr--quite by accident--at the age of nineteen. Jenni is no longer an active harper because of that particular turn in the course of her life, but she still loves music and often reports to Master Alric. Nowadays, Jenni is Weyrwoman to the unique brown female Beth at Galen Weyr. Jenni also has a son, seven-Turn-old Aidrian. His father is unknown, but he lacks nothing in the way of affection from male role-models. Aidrian's best friend, however, is a young female hound by the name of Tipiolo. See a picture.
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