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People of the Harper and Healer Halls

NOTE: Any characters belonging to people who leave the Guild will be deleted. Any characters left by members judged to have been inactive for too long will be put up for adoption and may be used as NPC's at any time.

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Karrylas - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. Age 13. Karrylas is tall, about 5'11". He has light hair, sun-bleached blonde cropped close to the ears. His eyes are pale ice-blue. He has a slim build, but is surprisingly strong.
Karrylas is calm-natured and easy to get along with, but sometimes he gets distracted by things that he does not understand. He shows a strong interest in the unknown and comprehends much faster than most people his age. His blue eyes show a depth that is not often present in his age group.
Karrylas comes from a small hold on the eastern edge of the southern continent, where he and his two elder brothers were raised. The next youngest brother was Searched when he was only twelve and Impressed a small blue on his second try. The eldest brother went on to be an apprentice to Karrylas' father and became a Masterfisherman at a small sea hold. Karrylas had been forced to work at the hold, helping harvest the crops and other random jobs, but never felt the joy that he had felt at his first gather.
Karrylas had never had music in his life until that gather. The harpers there showed him some music that he had asked about and he could understand it even though he didn't know how to read it. He comprehended what each symbol ment based on the sounds he heard when they were played. That and his interest in music recommended him to the Harper Hall.

Katral - Journeyman Healer, Turn seven. 20 Turns old. He is from Lemos, where he grew up after he was fostered into his father's sister's family. He is of slender build, average height and creamy skin with mussy russet red hair and gray eyes. Also, he sports a thin beard. In coloring and build, he very much resembles his mother, though he isn't aware of it. He's seen her only a few times in his life, and doesn't really know anything about her or her family. The same can be said of his father. However, he was raised in a home full of love and as a result feels that he never wanted for anything. He is friendly and kind, and occasionally will even come out with a joke or two. However, he's very serious about his studies, and even more so now that he's a journeyman and taking advanced studies to specialize as a surgeon. The only thing he'll willingly allow to distract him is Tulp, his two-Turns-old blue fire lizard. Girls are another matter entirely, but he tends to reclusively avoid dealing with that particular aspect of life and living.
More about Katral

Kavan - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. 13 Turns old. Very cheerful. Kavan is constantly smiling about something. He's your normal sweet, slightly mischievous kid, and he RARELY gets upset. He's sometimes overly eager to do just about anything and always manages to see the bright side of things. Somewhat goofy and at times annoying, as he soemtimes tends to act younger then his age. He's very talented with flutes and pipes.
Kavan comes from a smaller family in Telgar. They were weavers, as he was expected to be when he grew up. However, when he was 7, he found an old flute and immediately began to play it. He's not very good in groups when playing them, but on his own he can play very complex melodies and more often than not improvises quite well. Any melody on a flute, once heard, he can master. The rest of his history is boring, as the baby of the family--though he had a twin sister who was fostered to Fort.
Kavan has short and messy black hair with bangs that are always in his eyes. He's short, and looks more like he's 10 than 12, though that comes in handy at gathers and in races. He has bright big green eyes that are always sparkling and it's very rare that he's seen without a grin.

Kealin - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. 14 Turns old. Kealin has fiery red hair with flecks of gold. His eyes are mostly a bright green with a small ring of blue right around his pupils.
He is extremely shy, afraid to so much as speak to anyone he doesn't know. This couples with a great respect for those of high rank. Chances are when faced with someone very important, he will be in silent awe for a while, then babble like an idiot and blush. He is also obedient. If he was told to jump off a bridge by anyone who has the authority to give him orders, he would do it.
Kealin comes from a small hold in the far north. He's used to cold and snow, but is sensitive to heat. He was somewhat talented with music since a young age when he learned to play on pipes and grass whistles. Since he wasn't especially good at anything else, his family sent him to the Harper Hall. His parents were always very busy and there were few children his age; this is probably what caused his withdrawn nature. He learned to respect elders and places his father in high esteem, along with anyone who reminds him of his father.

Kenamirst (Kena) - Sr. Apprentice Harper, Turn four. 16 Turns old. Kenamirst, in a word, is spontaneous. She's both bright and wise (but wisest is she who does not know--and she knows), though eager to learn more. She has an odd habit of remembering completely random, meaningless, old events but can sometimes forget more short-term things. She's also very playful, and eager to please (which can be a fault of hers). Her largest fault, however, is her cowardice.
Kenamirst was born in Bitra Hold and lived there with her mother and father in a fairly well-off family. Kena showed unusual interest for the various instruments her travelling Uncle Ralien brought back from his many trips, but this alone was not what prompted her parents to send her to school at the Harper Hall--it was a combination of both financial and family turmoil threatening their steady lifestyle, as well as her uncanny love for writing and reading stories. Kena had few objections--travelling, after all, sounded fun, and how bad could a Harper Hall be...?
Kena is tall, lanky, and not the most coordinated. She has long, light-brown hair of a shade that seems to vary depending on the light striking it. The same goes for her eyes, over which people have differing opinions (hazel or green? Hmmm...). She has long limbs and fingers, but despite her stick-y-ness, she is not exactly physically fit. Out of all her artistic talents, her voice needs the most work--a shakey alto that tends to be sharper or more flat than the notes she's ordered to sing. Also, the break in her voice tends to trip her up a bit.

Kia - Journeyman Harper, Turn seven. She is a 20-Turn-old female with short brown hair and emerald green eyes. Slightly tall for her age, she usually wears clothes of green and blue. Looks to two-Turns-old scarlet fire lizard Kofuku.
She is a trouble-maker/prankster at heart, and enjoys mischief. Quite creative at revenge and pranks, it would be better for you if you don't pick on her. She has a large imagination. She works hard in classes, but likes having fun, too.
She comes from Sapphire Mountains Weyr, and was never fostered out.

Kidash - Sr. Apprentice Healer, Turn four. 19 Turns old. He lives to laugh. Kidash is a practical joker, in all forms of the word--a prank-a-day sort of person, he gains friends rather quickly and they soon learn to duck when they hear an odd 'ping' noise or pause before entering any door. However, he just barely avoids being annoying--Kidash is a charmer, and unfortunately, his favorite victims are girls. Most of all, he loves to pop any over-inflated heads, so self-centered or stuck-up Halldwellers--watch out! It also should be noted that he has a habit of challenging authority. Careful on that one.
Kidash is of medium height, and wiry. He's very agile (perfect for quick getaways), and lithe (also handy for slipping in those tight spaces to adjust a rope so, when a certain loose board is stepped upon, the stepper must duck from a barrage of mud). His jet-black hair is chin length, slightly wavy at the end, and his eyes a bright green. Most noticeable about him is the constant smile that lurks about his features.
Born and raised in a small village just outside Fort Weyr, he roamed the streets and there perfected the art of being a nuisance. His poor parents (Kidon and Araik), try as they might, could do little to control their mischevious sprite of a son--when he came of age to be sent away, they took the opportunity. He was given the opportunity of being a Healer or a Harper, and to Kidash his choice was obvious--Healer! Though he liked playing harmless jokes, the key word was 'harmless'--it was nice to have some skill to fall back on just in case something went awry. And anyway, he always admired Healers--so helpful and such! Yes, it seemed the perfect occupation.
While travelling to his new home, Kidash met (i.e. dumped a bucket of water on) and befriended the soon-to-be-Harper Kenamirst. Though the two were in seperate Halls, they remained in close contact throughout their early apprentice careers.
Suprisingly, Kidash's Jr. Apprentice life was fairly uneventful--even his jokes were limited to the minor ones.
And why?
'I'm saving up for the big year!'
In short, though he was relatively tame before, Kidash is about to turn whatever he can upside-down (literally).

Kima - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper. She has thick blonde curls and bright blue eyes. At sixteen Turns of age, she is slim and tall, and quite pretty. She gloats all about having a great voice and how pretty she is and how ugly and what a bad voice Kami has. She is selfish and cruel, and kind of on the slow side. She is Kami's twin, but they're not identical. She was raised spoiled, and became silly and ignorant as her sister was ignored and shunned. She took pleasure in Kami's mistakes. When Kami was sent to the Halls first, she became very mad and forced her mother and father to send her, too.

Kirra - ADOPTABLE Kitchen Staff. Age: 41. Though she may be slightly old, Kirra still gets around like a young girl. Her hair is dark brown, with only a few small streaks of grey to show her stress. With snapping brown eyes, nothing seems to escape her, and it's almost as if she could read your mind. She's about 5'7, and of an average weight, not too thin, not too plump.
Kirra is the type of person who will be scolding you for tracking mud into the Hall, while at the same time stuffing you with cookies or other sweets. She is rarely seen not bustling around the Halls, making sure everyone is comfortable. Always seeming to be full of witty or sarcastic comments, she doesn't care who she's talking to, she'll give them an honest piece of her mind, not softening it one iota. For the shyer apprentices that show up at the Hall on an almost weekly basis, she instinctively knows when to talk and comfort them, when to crack jokes, or when to keep silent. Though quite a firebrand, Kirra gives respect where respect is due. Her favorite quote: "Do something even if it is wrong. Just don't dirty the Halls!" Green flit Emie.

Liria - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. Age 13. Liria is usually somewhat timid, although she has been known to do outrageous things. She is very self-conscious and one of her greatest concerns in anything is embarrassing herself.
She comes from a northern hold, where she was the daughter of a minor holder. Although she doesn't have an exceptional voice, she learns quickly, and knew the teaching ballads earlier than anyone else in her hold. Becoming a harper was suggested to her by a friend who was Searched to become a dragonrider. After thinking over it, Liria decided to try.
She's tall for her age, with brown eyes and brown-blonde hair.

Lythia - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Healer. She is 14 Turns old. Lythia is maybe 5'2, at the most. Small and almost frail looking, but is in no way frail. Her hair is copperish red in color and reaches her middle back. Her eyes are a striking blue, which is unusual for someone with reddish colored hair. Her skin is just barely tanned. She is very friendly and loves to be of help. Though quiet and usually not very outspoken. She can be outspoken when necessary, but only when necessary. She appears to be timid, but when you get to know her, you find she is far from it. Also she is smart and determined to succeed at what she puts her mind to. She isn't afraid of work, that much can be said for sure. Only her closest friends have seen her true nature. Lythia was born at Sign Weyr, she is the daughter of Liliana, a copper rider, and R'borm, a bronze rider. Both her parents are very outgoing, so most people find it hard to believe that Lythia is their daughter. In looks, she is almost the splitting image of her mother, in a smaller version. Her parents assumed that she would stand on the Sands as a Candidate and Impress, but she had other plans in mind. She decided that she wanted to go to the Healer Hall and become an apprentice. She wanted to be able to help people, but not as a dragonrider. So she was sent to the Healer Hall, with the hopes that she will succeed.

Melody - ADOPTABLE Jr. Apprentice Harper. 15-Turn-old female.
Melody is very sweet. She'd rather play music and learn than talk to people, although talking is also one of her hobbys. She does tend to get very annoyed when people are mean to others.
She's from Tillek hold.
Melody is about 5' and has hazel eyes. Her hair is short and brown. She isn't skinny or fat but somewhere in the middle. Her skin is pale from living in the cold all her life without as much sun as more southern holds and halls.

Mezira (Zira) - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. Age 14. Mezira is the daughter of... well... she's the daughter of the greenrider Melinda and bluerider Z'ir. Her name is the traditional conjoining of the two. That's about all she got from her parents. Oh, Melinda carried her to term and birthed the child, but after that Zira was turned over to the nannies for the duration. Her mother would visit, and sometimes take her out for... whatever 'riders take their children out for. Z'ir paid little attention to her, and it was obvious that Melinda only visited whenever she felt like ooing and ahhing over the cute wittle baby that she'd given birth to. There isn't much love lost between Zira and her parents.
To make a long story short, Zira was fostered out at the blessed age of around eleven. She was sent to the Starries. The Starcraft was very kind to her, in their rather kooky manner. Starries are bizzare, that's for sure. Anyway, she started learning about the Craft with the aim of becoming an apprentice once she hit the age of 12 or 13. However, she started balking at her lessons. She refused an apprentice knot. But, because she was a foster child, she was stuck at the Starcraft Hall. Finally, her mentor, Sein, decided she had what might be a personality better suited to the Harpers than the Starcraft. And so... Zira was sent.
Mezira's a little bit wild. She was a weyrbrat, which doesn't earn her any marks. Bratlings are known for their pranks and their terrorizing of the Weyr. Of course, Mezira wasn't like that. Well... only a little. But she's a little bit wild. She also, because she's Weyrbred, has no sense of propriety. She's liable to ask a Journeyman who the first person they slept with after they became a journeyman was. Yeah... she really goes over big with some people. Her disrespectfulness isn't that way in her eyes. She thinks she's perfectly respectful. She's also intelligent enough to pick up on things. If she's told once that something is rude, she'll try a different tack the next time. She's been classically trained by the Weyrharper to respect dragonriders and she's been trained for three Turns by a the Starcraft's Harper.
Mezira's lithe and tall. She's just starting to outgrow the gangliness of youth. Her face is round, inherited from her mother, and her ears stick out just a little bit. Unfortunately, she gets her ears from her father. She has a dusting of freckles across her nose from all her time playing out in the Weyrbowl, but they came about because her skin is a pale and smooth from turns of crawling around in the back caverns of High Reaches Weyr. Her hair is a light red-brown. The color auburn, I suppose. And her eyes are a 'swamp' color. The greenish-brown. Zira is tall for her age, and she enjoys every minute of it.

Nielan - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. Age 13. Nielan stands 5'8", and still growing, a fact about which he is very proud. His voice only recently settled, and he walks around wearing his broad, affectionate smile. His dark brown hair, which is usually a royal mess and hanging in his eyes, reaches the bottom of his earlobes, and his eyes are a brown-green hazel colour. Being an adolescent, he is gawky and awkward, but should grow out of this eventually--he hopes.
Nielan acts like he doesn't know what depression is, and goes about in an incessantly good mood. However, he also allows his problems to build up, resutling in the occasional emotional break down. He is trustworthy and reliable. Still, he loves a good joke, when he can manage to think of one, but can't always be counted on to remember not to mention it at an inopportune time, making him the inadvertent informant on many a prank.
The youngest of four children from a family in Greystones Hold, Nielan was always going to be a miner, like his parents, but it just didn't hold any appeal for him. He rather prefered music, and goofing off with his older brother Tavan. His childhood was fairly uneventful, and basically followed the norm. Very recently, he headed off to Harper Hall, declaring that he wasn't leaving till he became a Harper, much to his parents' surprise and pleasure, and to Tavan's amusement.

Paeson - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn seven. Age 20. Paeson is 5'6" and weighs about 130 lbs. He is tanned because he was on the beach a lot in Monaco, the Hold he comes from. He is quite strong because of lifting fish barrels and other fishing needs. His hair is brown, almost black. He has sky blue eyes.
He's a nice fun loving guy. He tends to get into trouble, and he is very curious. He gets his work done, though, and is very good and hard working. He likes to compose on his pipes in his spare time.
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