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People of the Harper and Healer Halls

NOTE: Any characters belonging to people who leave the Guild will be deleted. Any characters left by members judged to have been inactive for too long will be put up for adoption and may be used as NPC's at any time.

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Rediral - Journeyman Harper. Rediral is a traveling circus clown - er, journeyman! - who is faithfully acompanied by blue Kir, who is fourteen Turns of age and randy as any bronze. Has he flown females? Oh, yes, definately yes. The pair are currently not posted anywhere and are "helping out" around the Hall.
Rediral also seems to have a way with females. He's 5'11" in height, with dark hair that is wavy at best and curls when wet and hazel eyes. His age is 30 Turns, and his build is that of someone used to traveling a great deal: wiry.
Rediral is a scamp and a rascal, and there's no other way to describe him. He's a terrible flirt, he's absolutely shameless, and to top it all off, he's a harper! Honestly, what more needs to be said? On the other hand, he can be serious if he really has to and he wouldn't make anyone uncomfortable if he could help it. In other words, if you want him to go away, tell him. He'll pout a little, but he'll get over it! Kir, who shares his Impressor's personality, isn't much better. The two have a tendency to augment and intensify each other's drives, which gets... interesting... at times. Rediral's favourite past-times, when he isn't flirting with the local girls, are playing guitar and gambling (which he's actually quite good at). His first loyalty, however, is always to Master Alric and the Harper Hall.
Rediral doesn't sing often, though he certainly can. He's not particularly proud of his tenor voice and strong falsetto (but by the Egg, the Harper Hall is!). He prefers to play his gitar, lap harp, or double flageolet and to teach the people, young and otherwise, at wherever he's posted.
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Tarwena - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. Age 12. Tarwena has brown short hair and is very tall. She has long legs and has green eyes.
Tarwena grew up at Sol Hold, and she loves to go out and pick things so she is always very tan. Her mom taught her everything she knows. She has a nice voice and had bonded with the Harper at her Hold, making her love music and wanting to learn more.

Terane - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn two. Age 13. Terane is about 4í10 in height and will most likely not grow to be a very tall person. In fact, she will be lucky to make the average height for a woman, which is around 5í6. She is quite petite, though in no way is she near sickly or frail. Her hair is a very pale blonde in color. She is currently growing it out, so it reaches somewhere near her mid-back right now. Her eyes are an icy blue, always holding a secret sparkle in them. Her skin is lightly tanned, do to spending a good portion of her life playing outdoors.
Terane is a very cheerful young girl. She usually gets along with just about anyone and is very sociable. She loves to have adventures. During her free time, you can usually find her outdoors. She isnít afraid of work or getting dirty. For someone that is not very big, she is very brave and bold. She isnít afraid to speak her mind and will almost always tell you what she is thinking. She is very strong-willed and spirited, not being the kind of person that gives up on anything. She meets challenges with great determination and does not give up on them.
Terane was born in a rather large hold in the Northern Continent. Her parents were Tecana and Cyrus. Tecana and Cyrus already had three other children, two daughters and one son. Their oldest child, Telera, had already been at the Healer Hall for a few Turns when Terane was born. Telera was home, though, when Terane was born.
Due to some complications in the birth, Tecana died a few days after Teraneís birth, so the young girl never really got a chance to get to know her mother. Unknown to the children, their father Cyrus had been abusive to Tecana. Now that the main target of his aggression was gone, Cyrus began to abuse his two middle children, Corin and Lina. By this point, Telera had returned to the Healer Hall to continue in her studies.
By the time Terane was three Turns old, her father was virtually always gone from home, since he had begun to see another woman. The children were left to fend for themselves. Lina basically took care of Terane and the house, while Corin did odd jobs for different people so that they had some marks to buy necessities with.
At this point in time, Telera, eldest of the siblings, had been sent to Star Shine Weyr, since the Weyr was in need of a healer. By now she was sixteen Turns old. During the Hatching of one of Sr. Queen Ranthís clutches, Telera Impressed copper Avonth, first copper dragon of the Weyr. During this point in time, the four siblings had very little contact with each other.
When Terane was four and a half Turns old, a surprise that would change her life forever occurred. Now that Avonth was old enough to fly and go between, plus had become a very large dragoness, Telera had decided that it was time to unite her family again. She knew that her father had been abusive and was not taking care of Corin, Lina, and Terane at all, so she decided that she would bring them to the Weyr. So that is exactly what happened.
During the Turns that Terane spent at Star Shine Weyr, she spent a lot of her time outdoors, having many adventures. Her brother Corin became Círin, when he Impressed bronze Kavzoth, and her shy sister Lina Impressed silver Pewth. During this time, Telera had taken it upon herself to raise her youngest sister.
By the time Terane was twelve, she was beginning to feel as though she would have some big shoes to fill. After all, she had three siblings before her, and each of them was at the least, which wasnít a very small thing as it was, a dragonrider. Her brother was a bronzerider. Her sister Lina was a silverrider. And finally, her sister Telera was a copperrider and Weyrhealer. Of course, it was expected that she would stand on the sands, but she wasnít really sure if that was what she wanted. After all, what if she didnít Impress? That would make her look like a failure in the family.
Good news was soon to come for Terane, though. While Telera was visiting the Healer Hall, an old friend of hers mentioned that the Halls were looking for apprentices. Knowing that Terane was the right age to become an apprentice, and also knowing that both trades were always needed, she decided to ask if Terane would be interested in becoming an apprentice. After all, it was a great opportunity for the girl. After a family discussion, and asking Terane, it was decided that she would go to the Harper Hall.
So now that is where the young blonde girl has gone, ready for a new part of her life to begin and more adventures to come.

Vetiera - Jr. Apprentice Harper, Turn one. 13 Turns old. Very shy and untrusting, she doesn't make friends easily, but once she feels welcome and finds someone to trust, she will never falter. Vetiera is excited about coming to the Harper Hall, despite the fact that she was the only candidate that didn't impress at Miarive Weyr's Hatching. Her enthusiasm to learn everything is an advantage to her, as she will pick up on things that others may miss.
Vetiera comes from a small hold far to the north that is very isolated. Telina, the Weyrwoman at Miarive Weyr, comes from the same hold. She sent a Search there and Vetiera came to the Weyr through that Search. She didn't Impress, so now she is at the Harper Hall.
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